New trends in home décor for 2018

New trends in home décor for 2018

The home is the private sanctuary of any family. It is a place where you come home to after a day’s work, where the whole family gathers to call it a day, to share experiences, to grow and love as one family. It is not enough that you have a house complete with all the necessary furniture, appliances, kitchen items, and decorations. It is also significant that you make your home fashionable, not for the reason that you want to compete with other beautiful homes, but because having the latest décor trend will boost the family’s energy in facing their days outside your home.

2018 home décor trends

Every year the décor trends changes, with regards to the design, style, and color. You are not in any way required to modify your home every year just to follow the latest trend, but you can make simple alterations with the décor you already have, and add a touch of what’s new, keep the old to be reused next time. For 2018, there are hot and crazed home décor that you can opt to enjoy.

Geometric accent – geometric shapes décor is a twofold in popularity this year, and it would be great to have tables, chairs, lamps, frames, and other décor that has geometrical shapes and styles.

Plants that are framed – having house plants is always a great way to decorate a home, and for 2018, framed plants is the trend. If your home is not large enough to accommodate real or plastic plants, then amazingly framed real plants are good alternatives. It gives you a feel of having real plants in your house that are preserved under glass.

Fringed décor – fringe décor came back with a vengeance in the fashion home world. It is in-style this year to have fringed furniture and throw pillows in your living room.

Customized statement rugs – statement rugs are one of the latest trends in 2018, and they are best when customized. Show off the magnetic personality of your whole family through a statement rug.

Cement tile – the look of stone can be achieved by using cement tiles that can pass for stone, and with lesser cost. It would be a good idea to renovate your kitchen with stone or cement sinks, tubs, or floors.

Bold red – this year, red is the color for the best home décor. Anything that is or has the color red will be a fantastic addition to your home, which will look bolder and lively.

Two-toned cabinets – it may be time for you to repaint your kitchen cabinets, and the best thing you can do is choose a two-toned color, as it is the trend for kitchen in 2018.

Dark woods – this year, furniture is leaning towards the darker color. Dark furniture is the latest trend, and they are growing in popularity because they go against the traditional pale colors.

Craftsman’s texture – handmade furniture from rattan and wicker materials is a craze as décor.

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