Good DIY blogs for Home improvement and renovations

Good DIY blogs for Home improvement and renovations

The World Wide Web is a tool used by people to get answers. Regardless of the question, there is always something in the internet that is the right answer, or closely related to it. Everyone relies to the internet for knowledge, and even libraries have computers as well. With the improvement of technology, the blogging industry became innovated. Blogs originally were created as a personal diary of a blogger that is shared with the public. Blogs have varying topics, and each blog with their own genre have their own category of audience. Like for example, individuals who are into the DIY or Do It Yourself challenge will be very much interested in DIY blogs that talks about DIY for things for the home, house improvements, or renovations.

Top-rated DIY home improvement blogs

Most DIYs are products for the house, and since there are many people who prefers to get their hands working and start on a house project themselves, DIY blogs for the home are numerous in numbers, and some are highly trusted than others.

The New York Times – Home Repairs and Improvement – this great blog has more than 13 million Facebook fans, and they have news and updates regarding DIY home repairs and home improvement projects.

The Guardian | Home Improvement – this amazing blog has more than 7 million Facebook fans, and they have various genre of topics about home improvement and renovations, including DIY projects to enhance the beauty of the home.

The Home Depot Blog – with more than 4 million Facebook fans, this blog features DIY home improvement and renovation projects, complete with all the clear and safe instructions. The best thing about The Home Depot Blog is DIYers can purchase their items in the Home Depot store and use those exact items as shown in the DIY blog.

Reddit – The Hivemind Improving Homes – this blog has more than 1 million Facebook fans, and it is actually a community of people who are all committed to discuss regarding topics concerning home improvements. People can provide or ask for advice on DIY home renovation projects.

Bounce Energy Blog – Home Improvement – with more than 300,000 Facebook fans, the Bounce Energy retail electric company shows their commitment in providing valuable service through their own blog. The Bounce Energy Blog offers their clients updates on ways to save energy, how to efficient use energy, and any other discussion about saving money on energy.

Young House Love | DIY Home Decorating Projects, Tutorial, & Shenanigans – with nearly 200,000 Facebook fans, this blog provides almost 3,000 DIY home improvement projects for free.

DIY Show Off – DIY Decorating and Home Improvement Blog –        this has more than 100,000 Facebook fans, and this blog contains DIY designs and styles that are within anyone’s budget. It journals the home improvements before and after the renovation is done. This blog encourages their audience to participate and show off their DIY projects, and meet new friends in the blog’s site.



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