How Do You Date a Trans Woman in Vancouver?

Dating a trans woman in Vancouver should be easy and fun. Canada is one of the trans-friendliest countries in the world with progressive laws protecting the rights of the community. In 2013, the Canadian government adopted anti-discrimination laws for transgender people. The country comes close to being completely discrimination-free today. In the rare case where people encounter problems with TS dating in Vancouver and other Canadian cities, it’s due to ignorance of trans people’s unique experiences and needs.

The Specifics of Dating Trans Women

Even a trans-curious community as enlightened as that in Canada can be misinformed when it comes to certain matters. These often include hormone effects, surgery, and details about being pre-op, non-op, or post-op trans. You shouldn’t assume that your partner will always have male sex organs if they currently do. They might want surgery someday. Some trans women are so uncomfortable with their sex organs that they don’t want their partners to see or touch them. It can be very complicated. To be on the safe side, just don’t bring the topic of genitals up. Wait for her to do so.

Lots of Places to Go

These considerations aside, dating a trans woman in Vancouver is like dating anyone else in Vancouver. They say there’s nothing more boring than Canada in winter. For some, it might be true. But it’s the perfect place to be if you are dating a trans woman who likes skiing or snowboarding.

If you feel like traveling, you could take her to Granville Island. The best way to get to Granville is by taking the mini-tugboat ferry. The island has a public market, restaurants, theatres, art workshops, craft studios, and much more to offer. There are specialty items and unique souvenirs to get as keepsakes.

If you don’t feel like going far, Burnaby with its Metropolis Metrotown shopping center is just a short drive (8 miles) away. There are lots of interesting shops here and dozens of restaurants serving a variety of cuisines.

At the end of a fun day with your trans date, why not drop by one of the many trans-friendly restaurants in the British Columbia city? One is the Cactus Club, which serves delicious dishes in the midst of refreshing ambiance. The drinks come recommended on Yelp. Sneeki Tiki has hula dancers several nights a week and great drinks and food as well.

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