The Best Blogs to get inspired by art

The Best Blogs to get inspired by art

Blogging is a trend that has become popular alongside the innovation of the internet technology. Blog is a shortened term for weblog, and is typically an informal discussion of various things that is published in the World Wide Web. Blogs consists of many topics, like sports, politics, art, religion, products, and other topics that are chosen by bloggers. It is used mostly for personal reasons, to convey personal thoughts and sentiments, and nowadays blogs are also used for advertising certain products with or without advertising fees. .

Types of blogs

Blogs comes in many form, it can be a personal blog, collaborative blogs or group blogs, microblogging, corporate and organizational blogs, or aggregated blogs. Blogs can be by genre, by media type, by device, or it could be a reverse blog. The type of blog is dependent on the area of comfortable topic by the blogger, a topic or group of topics that the blogger is highly familiar of, and wants to share to the world.

People all over the world likes to follow and read blogs in various sorts, and most relates to blogs pertaining art, since this kind of blogs contain rich culture, and art is something that everyone can appreciate without strong debate or strong dislike.

Famous art blogs for art

There are thousands of art blogs in the internet, and there are famous art blogs that contains so much intense content that captures the wild imagination of their readers.

Colossal – blog was launched in 2010 and was Webby-nominated. This blog contains varying art and visual cultures conveyed in photographs, paintings, designs, installation art, animation, street art, and drawing. The natural world is greatly displayed in this blog, and the fine line between science and art can be explored here.

Hyperallergenic first to life in 2009 and this blog contains the latest news, essays, reviews, and other topics related to the worldwide art. It displays varying art topics in playful, serious, and fundamental thoughts regarding the facts about art in the recent activities all over the globe.

Hi-Fructose Magazine | The New Contemporary Art Magazine – an art magazine that prints quarterly and also has a blog that showcase what artists are up to, what kind of projects they are working on, and other news about artists.

The Jealous Curator | Curated Contemporary Art – an art blog that features fantastic contemporary artists and their art work. The blog contains mostly of images and less texts.

Artforum – this blog contains news and critiques of visual art’s exhibitions that mainly focuses on contemporary art. It also has world art news, live symposia, critic’s pick, archives, interviews, links to related sites, and event calendar.

Art21 Blog – a blog started in 1977 armed with a mission to enhance people’s knowledge regarding contemporary art, inspire creative thinking among other artists and aspiring artists, and flare up talks about art through diverse media. The blog gives artists a chance to speak their minds about their art.


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